The domain name DiseaseDetective.com is available for sale.
Build a valuable medical resource site for infectious disease action.


No domain name could be more timely and ready for development than DiseaseDetective.com. The words "Disease Detective" are mentioned multiple times daily on TV as a steady parade of international disease detectives appear on-screen to explain the Ebola Emergency.

The world has changed. Virus detection, diagnosis and treatment of new and mutating strains of epidemics will be a major part of our planet's future. As the global population explodes and its mobility increased by air travel, each infected person becomes a potential threat to society at large.

DiseaseDetective.com is the perfect domain name for either a large medical institution or a entrepreneurial doctor. There are many monetizing potentials such as high traffic advertising, selling epidemic equipment such as masks, anti viral supplements and much needed advice on protecting families from the coming wave of epidemics.

The world's army of Disease Detectives needs a web site to coalesce information and instructions. In fact we all need to learn to be disease detectives in some fashion. Schools, hospitals, subways, movie theaters...all become hazardous areas in an epidemic. This is where disease detectives are the future heroes -- finding and stopping the spread of deadly diseases on behalf of all civilization.

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